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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Who is the Bloogeyman?

The Bloogeyman might just as well ask “Who the hell are you to question who the Bloogeyman is?” But that would be rude. The Bloogeyman has crawled out from the depth of the shadows and now points a bony finger at you and asks “What is your purpose?” Are you here to discuss the uncomfortable, that which hides in the shadows and whose very existence is in question? Are you here to use not just the simple facts that the media presents to you, but deduce your own conclusions based on what you observe? As Sherlock Holmes said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. Thus, we must not say to ourselves “That is the story presented to me.”, but “Is that story logical?” The Bloogeyman is the guide – but you are in charge of the trip.

“Yeah, but who is the Bloogeyman?”, you may still ponder, “What makes him tick? Give me simple monikers such as Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Libertarian, Republican Democrat, etc. so that I can peg whether or not I like him.”. Those you will deduce on your own soon enough, for the Bloogeyman says what he believes and in that way, is quite transparent. But, it is not relevant who the Bloogeyman is – it is far more relevant who you are. Whether any of those monikers fit you, you will be taken down uncomfortable roads at times. You will meet up with people diametrically opposed to your beliefs. Perhaps the Bloogeyman will be diametrically opposed to you. Perhaps the Bloogeyman’s favorite word is “perhaps” and he desperately needs a thesaurus.

The Bloogeyman thinks there are times we need to take names and kick ass. The Bloogeyman thinks the war in Iraq is not going so good. The Bloogeyman likes the environment. The Bloogeyman is a capitalist. The Bloogeyman does not like corporate hand-outs. The Bloogeyman is a corporate whore (Bloogeyman© and Bloogeyblog© are copyright of the Bloogeyman – take that Donald Trump, “You’re F****!”). The Bloogeyman makes good money at his job. The Bloogeyman thinks that taxes on the rich should not be cut. Are any of these contradictory? You Tell Me.© (Hah, I’ve copyrighted my own phrase – take that “Fair and B*******”). In short, the Bloogeyman is many things, but he is not you.

You will not like much of what the Bloogeyman says. Oh, how you will gnash your teeth and pull your hair when the Bloogeyman something quite atrocious. Oh, how the emails will flood in when the Bloogeyman misquotes someone or fails to link a reference. But the Bloogeyman says, “Do your own research!” – I will not be correct in everything, nor reference everything, nor provide all the answers wrapped up in a pretty little box with a bow – the Bloogeyman’s job is not be your personal fact checker, but to whisper those things into your ear that make you ponder before you pontificate, hesitate before you declare, and think before you decide.