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Friday, March 11, 2005

Of Blogs and Boogeymen – Another Day in the Empire

Kurt Nimmo keeps a blog called Another Day in the Empire. Besides the fact that he is obviously involved in other things (photography, book-writing) he pretty much adds something to the blog every day. And I’m not talking about some chewed up and regurgitated crap like a party boss might send down in a memo as talking points for the day – I’m talking about insightful, well thought out material and analysis from the corners of the media. Stuff that you’d probably have to wait 20 years for the history books to write about before you ever heard a whiff of it in the “main-stream media”.

Now, some of you are going to write back and say, “What the hell, Bloogeyman, half of this guy’s stuff are deductions and conjecture – not stuff based on verifiable media sources.” And the Bloogeyman would reply (if he wasn’t too lazy to actually respond), “Well that’s exactly what we want to do! We don’t want to find out about stuff after it’s already happened and then debate whether or not someone should have told us it’s happening or whether we should’ve looked out for something! We want to use our noggins to deduce what is actually happening without waiting for someone to whack us with a rubber mallet.”

And then you’ll say, “Bloogeyman, what the hell is up with all of these imaginary conversations you keep having?!?” And the Bloogeyman will say, “Well, hell, nobody ever leaves comments on my posts so I have to pretend that people are actually reading the stuff I write.” I bet people read Kurt Nimmo’s stuff. Sad.

Also, unlike the Bloogeyman, this Kurt Nimmo guy obviously has the time (or just the work ethic) to diligently document and reference where he is getting all of his data for these conjectures. “But, Nimmo’s off the deep end!”, you’ll moan. That’s the best part! Here is Kurt Nimmo, Captain Kurt Nimmo if you will, boldly voyaging where no one else dares to tread. I kind of like the sound and analogy of that. This Captain Nimmo is not unlike the Captain Nemo of literary fame. As you remember, Captain Nemo traveled the earth in an underwater submarine, the Nautilus, in search of – truth! The empires of the day hounded and chased Captain Nemo, but he was concerned with one thing, the pursuit of truth through science. The Nautilus was a fantastic contraption, allowing him to spend weeks under water, unpestered and free to explore. And boy, did he find things in the murky depths of the ocean where no one else dared to go.

Our Captain Nimmo trolls the darkest depths of the vast information ocean to bring us unvarnished, unpolished bits of information. We decide whether he pulled up a pearl or a rotting piece of flesh. Does he have all the answers? No, but he does a damned good job of asking the right questions. Compared to the power of Captain Nimmo’s and his Nautilus our “main-stream media” look like a bunch of clowns in leaky old rowboats (that also means you CNN!). Remember, you don’t have to agree with everything (or even anything) that a person says as long as it makes you think – that’s my rationale for linking up Captain Nimmo. For that reason the Bloogeyman recommends Another Day in the Empire.