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Friday, March 04, 2005

Of Blogs and Bloogeymen

You will all notice that to the side I have a ‘Links’ section for links to other blogs and websites. “So what?”, you will undoubtedly ask, “I’ve seen a million blogs and every one is crammed chock full 'o links and other crap”. Well the Bloogeyman does not just link any blog or site like a crazed spider juiced up on ‘amphetamines trying to weave the largest web possible, blind to how untidy or ineffective it may be. Frankly, the Bloogeyman does not care who links to the Bloogeyblog – and the Bloogeyman doesn’t link up other sites or blogs in a sycophantic attempt to get those sites to link back to the Bloogeyblog.

No, the Bloogeyman will try to pick the most interesting, exotic fruit from the jungle of blogs. To you it may be the sweetest fruit on earth or a foul, fetid piece of fruit that explodes in your face, spraying you with acid, as you try to take a bite – to me, it’s just interesting. Not only will the Bloogeyman only link sites that he feels are actually worth looking at, he will explain and justify why he thinks that the site is worth reading (the Bloogeyman will also speak in the third person at all times – like Bob Dole). So, enjoy every link the Bloogeyman's got - the Bloogeyman only recommends the best!