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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gannongate, Part 2: This Administration Really Does Have A Man-Date

Last time we talked about why this whole Gannongate thing is starting to get interesting – who Jeff Gannon is, what his journalistic background was, the seedy details of his private life, and why he was in the White House so often.

Any investigation on the Jeff Gannon / White House connection eventually leads to his…err…extracurricular activities. But, hey, it’s just some guy’s private life, right? No reason to go all Ken Lay on everyone, right? Well, I’m going to catch a lot of flak from Lefties for this: Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached. Now, Bill Clinton’s private life shouldn’t matter to anyone (and, in fact, after the “scandal” unfolded, his approval ratings went up!) and shouldn’t have been investigated in the first place. However, given that it was investigated, and given that Bill Clinton was summoned to testify in front of a Grand Jury, he has a responsibility to tell the truth. Bill Clinton perjured himself in front of the Grand Jury – and that’s criminal, plain and simple. The fact that he shouldn’t have even been in front of the Grand Jury has nothing to do with it. That line of excuses for Bill Clinton’s behavior is akin to saying that if you shouldn’t be somewhere to start with, all of your actions while there are excused. For example, let’s say a police officer mistakenly pulls me over. I’m mad and I shouldn’t even be in that situation because he’s “investigating” me for no reason. But just because I shouldn’t even be talking to the officer doesn’t mean that I should be excused if I whomp the officer with a 2x4. Whatever path you’re on, wherever you find yourself, you have an obligation to obey the law (especially if you’re the president), and if you don’t you should face the consequences.

How does this apply to Gannongate? Well, last time I checked, prostitution is illegal, pimping is doubly-illegal, and johns go to jail. The fact that this is all happening in the White House is triply concerning. Sure, it happens all the time all over America, but it’s illegal. And just as Clinton’s perjury should be held to the same level of accountability (if not higher) as anyone else’s perjury, illegal activity going on in the White House should be investigated and people should be held accountable.

Additionally, it’s in the public interest to expose who in the administration is a political hypocrite – who generally denounces homosexuality and supports administration policies regarding homosexuality, while engaging in such behavior himself – because it relates to public policy. For people on the Right, it’s of tantamount importance – they are probably feeling betrayed right now given that they supported Bush on the understanding that he would push for a ban on gay marriage. They already blew a gasket in early January when Bush said in an interview that the gay marriage ban thing wasn’t really high on his agenda and implied that it won’t ever get done. Apparently the White House’s phone lines started lighting up like a Christmas tree as furious social conservatives called in, foaming at the mouth, demanding to know whether or not Bush had hoodwinked them. At this point, the picture is starting to come together for social conservatives and before long they will realize that if they want to salvage any of their social agenda they will have to ferret out the those members of the administration who are undermining the administration’s commitment to act on its campaign promises.

For people on the Left, especially homosexuals, this situation provides a moment in which they can finally expose the hypocrisy of certain members of the administration. Yes, they take a perverse joy in the ironic turn of events, but at the heart of it the goal is the same: ferret out the political hypocrites that reside in the White House. While it was the Left who initiated the investigation and scandal, it will be the Right who takes it to completion. The Right will soon understand that to salvage any of its social agenda, and to stave off countless gay brothel jokes that are bound to follow, it will need to “clean house”. That includes looking in all the closets. That’s why this story will be around for a while – as long as both sides have a reason to keep it alive and see it through to the end, it will not go away.

In the next part, the Bloogeyman will take a look at who the key players might turn out to be…